Touch Dimmable LED strip – White and Amber

Touch Dimmable LED strip – White and Amber

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12 – 24v
210 Lumens Amber
350 Lumens White
Length :25cm


The touch dimmable range is new, exciting and changes your camping experience completely!

This range comes with the dual dimmable light, which has white and amber leds and the tricolour dimmable light, which has red added as well.

To operate the light one simply touches the switch and it turns on at the dim setting, one more touch and it is halfway to full strength and another touch gives you light in full power.

To change the colour one simply switches the light on, and hold the touch button until the colour changes.


This functionality ensures that you have optimum use of your light as it can be a work light, or simply mood lighting. The amber and red settings are also fantastic in deterring moths and all sorts of insects to your campsite.